From Streets to Beats x Unapologetically Stylish

Welcome to NULLxVOID, where the bass-driven energy of dance music meets the cutting-edge world of modern fashion. Founded in 2023, our brand is the brainchild of two visionary artists, BASSBEN and kev/null, who have seamlessly blended their deep-rooted passion for rave culture and electronic music with a flair for unique and expressive apparel designs. Driven by a shared love of rhythm and style, their journey is a testament to the power of creativity and collaboration.

  • kev/null

    kev/null (Kevin Cheng) is a Vancouver native, San Francisco-raved producer, designer, and DJ.

    As a former professional designer and illustrator, Kevin has always found there to be a dearth of men's fashion that's not solid and striped grays and blues. Thus, he founded NULLxVOID with Ben!

    He's also a member of the San Francisco collective, Space Cowboys, and was fortunate to share billing with artists such as Lee Burridge, Stanton Warriors, Tara Brooks, A. Skillz, and many more.

    As a producer, he's released tracks with labels such as Fantastic Voyage, ONE7AUDIO, and Qwerk Records.